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Lynn Krawczyk of Smudged Design Studio, author of “the hand-stitched surface, asked me to be a part of her Blog Hop.  How Fun!

She asked me to share one of my favorite stitch, and I thought, “I have so many,” that I decided to share the one thing that gets the most “WOW’ in my classes when I teach.  Now you might be thinking that it must be an awesome stitch to get a reaction like that, but the truth is, it is not a stitch at all.  It is a tool that will help you with every stitch in Lynn’s book “the hand stitched surface” and any other hand stitches you may ever want to try.  This tool provides you with less frustration, and in the end leave you stitching endless projects with joy to boot!  What is this tool? It is securing the thread to a needle, so stitching can be a breeze.

Stitching is fun, but at time it can be frustrating if you are threading your needle more than stitching.  A wonderful way to secure your thread on to the needle, so that you can stitch to your heart’s desire is:

  • Thread needle
  • leave an inch from one of the ends of the thread


  • Pierce the needle through the thread about 1 inch from the short end.
  • I use the tip of my finger to steady the thread, so that it does not move when piercing it.


  • Hold the point of the needle and pull the long end of the thread gently to secure short end unto the needle hole
  • Don’t forget to tie a knot at the end of the long end of the thread.  Have fun stitching!

I spend countless hours stitching scenic art.  The last thing I need is for my needle to become unthreaded in the middle of a stitch.  I was shown this little trick from one of my students, who like me, loved sharing ways to make stitching just a bit easier.

Looking through Lynn’s book, I saw many of the stitches that I use in my art.  She provides wonderful samples and easy to understand diagrams with projects to help you create them.  I use these stitches in throughout my art in different variations. (

“Dragonfly Haunt”
“Floating Reef”

I enjoy looking at different stitch books to see the creative ways artist use stitching.  Lynn’s book “the hand-stitched surface” which can be found in (Amazon) explores stitching and other creative ideas on fabric and paper.  I, like Lynn also came into fibers through a crazy quilt, so I was drawn to the page in Lynn’s book “Doodle Love Lap Quilt” is full of fun ideas for creating patterns on fabric, appliques and stitching.   It has inspired me to create a small lap quilt for my grandson with some of her ideas, and this is just one of many fun projects this fabulous book has to offer.

  •  for a chance to win a copy of Lynn’s book leave a comment here on the blog
  • I hope you continue to follow the rest of the blog hop this week for more inspiration and additional chances to win a book.
  • if you missed Lisa’s yesterday, I hope you check out her wonderful blog as well.

July 9     Lisa Chin                             
July 10   Ana Sumner                        
July 11   Lyric Montgomery Kinard   
July 12   Libby Williamson                
July 13   Allison Aller                         
July 14   Lynn Krawczyk                     


  1. Rachel Bates

    I love Hand stitching on all kinds of fabric

  2. This is a great tip!!! Wow!! At my age, threading the needle is the hardest part of my stitching day!!!

    • Robbie Congratulations! you are the winner of the hand-stitched surface book by Lynn Krawczyk Please send me you address by Friday the 13th so that Lynn can have it mailed to you. Congratulations again, and thank you for enjoy my blog and my tip! Is it okay for me to mention you have won the book on my blog? Thank you, Ana Sumner

  • Will have to try your tip as soon as I get back to some stitching. Your work is lovely and very inspiring. Thanks.

  • I would love to learn more hand stitching…

  • What a great idea for keeping your thread in the needle, will give it a go, thanks…..

  • Susan Noethen

    Beautiful work! I am anxious to get back to hand stitching.

  • Sandra Lee Ellison

    I would love to win Lynn’s book. Have always been fascinated with hand stitching.

  • Beautiful work

  • Debbi Cooper

    Great tip! My husband lives in fear of my dropping a needle when I stitch on the couch. This should make him more comfortable.

  • Deborah Bright

    I love hand stitching!

  • That’s us a great trick. Now I just have to remember! Beautiful work.

  • Karen Romani

    Ana’s work is gorgeous!! Thanks for the tip! You can see her work at Green Door Gallery in Webster Grove Missouri!

  • Claudia Tam

    Thanks for the great tip – I will try it. Love your embroideries, especially Dragonfly Haunt.

  • Tawney Mazek

    WOW! indeed. That’s a great tip for any hand sewing. Thank you.

  • Great tip, you learn something new every day.

  • Sharon Morton

    Great ideas! Thank you!

  • G Reynolds

    Thank you for the needle-threading-trick

  • Michelle A Banton

    Great idea. Will have to give it a try.

  • Jenny Williams

    What a great tip, Ana! I just recently learned to do this with ribbon, but never thought of adapting it to regular floss or thread. Wow!

  • Great idea. I’ll have to try it.

  • Mary Jo Kaszubinski

    Thanks for sharing your idea on securing thread in needle, it will save much frustration and wear & tare on my eye. Look forward to each blog and seeing this book.

  • Susie Willenbrink

    Easy peasy! This tip will certainly help my embellishments. Thanks!

  • Jane Howie

    Great tip, I love hand stitching! Thanks for the chance to win

  • Sherri Sisung

    Thank you for the tip. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Your work is wonderful.

  • Joanna Janssen

    I love hand stitching as it is so portable and personal. Every piece is unique.

  • Barbara Fox

    Thanks for sharing this most interesting stitching tip! Nothing is more frustrating than to have the thread come lose. Lynn’s new book looks intriguing and one that is needed in my library.

  • Robin Shilman

    I love hand stitching. This book looks awesome.

  • I used to do lots of hand stitching – this blog hop is getting me excited again! Thanks for the creative push!!!

  • Sandy Borglum

    I’m excited to see the new projects Lynn has in her book.

  • Gonna have to try this!

  • Sherrie Spangler

    Sounds like a very fun book!

  • Susan E Stitch

    What a simple and effective way to secure the thread. I HATE when it comes unthreaded. Thanks — I’m sure this will save me a ton of frustration.

  • Great idea on securing the thread. Will save on countless times I have rethreaded.

  • Kathy Stutzman

    Loved the tip on threading the needle. What s great blog!

  • I saw this book in the hop, but have not had a chance to look inside. I love handstitching and have Lynn’s last book so I bet I’ll have this one too! Thanks for the knot tip too.

  • Lynne Davis

    Thanks for your great tip and this post. Love your pics. And I love Lynn’s work.

  • Great tip! Can’t wait to try it. I hate constantly rethreading my needle when the thread slips out.

  • Deborah MacDonald

    Glad to have found you, Ana! What lovely work!

  • Thanks for the tip….a must try to help solve my frustration when the thread slips. Can’t wait to get my hands on Lynn’s delightful book and give each stitch a try.

  • Great tip! I learned to do it years ago with silk ribbon embroidery. Duh! Never thought to try it with floss!!

  • Joan Schafer

    Not all tips need to be about creativity. The practical ones are just as important! Thank you

  • I LOVE hand stitching. It is my favorite way to work. I would really like to win a copy of the book. Thanks for the chance.

  • Thanks for the needle/thread tip…the needle unthreading is a frustration for sure. Love being introduced to your work through this hop. The book looks awesome.

  • Linda Kennedy

    I find hand stitching very relaxing and soothing. I would love to win Lynn’s book.

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