Last Flurries

the first snow and last of the season, I saw in Illinois was February 2017 and two little cardinals were sitting on a tree enjoying the beauty of nature and each other.  The simple things is life brings the most joy for I felt they were welcoming me to this […]

Autumn Blaze

Fall bring inspiration as green turns into hues of yellow, orange, and reds, and nature graces us with a display of artistry that inspires me to create.

Apple Blossoms

When visiting Taos, New Mexico, in spring, I was pleasantly surprised to see an apple trees in bloom. This art piece found a home in Illinois.

The Allures of Spring

Spring calls to me with all its wonderment!  It calls to come and play! The Allures of spring is still looking for a home.

Peaceful Sands

While teaching in Florida I took a road trip to Key West, which is a source of artistic inspiration — especially the beach!  I have always enjoyed drawing Palm Trees, and drawing these with the sewing machine was so much fun.  T

Nature’s Orchestra

  Pneuma the wind-spirit is playing nature’s orchestra as it uses the tree like a grand woodwind instrument, vibrating the branches and leaves into a harmonic bass, swooshing leaves along the ground as if snare brushes were dancing on drums, and tantalizing the wind chimes into melody.  Owned by the Hiser Family.