Winter Time

Winter reveals the gorgeous shapes of a bare trees in the barren landscape.  I am drawn to their simple elegance. 

Life’s Little Pleasure

The Pleasure of being in nature, and seeing all of its wonders brought such joy, that I had to create the images that capture my attention.  Prints are available.

Hilltop Meadow

This is one of those art pieces that as I painted the cheese cloth with multi colors the followers appeared in my imagination.  A tree had to come to life as well in the beauty of the hillside.  Now currently being exhibit at Green Door art Gallery.

Dragon Moon – Dance of the Dragonfly

I randomly paint fabrics to explore the creative process.  I have no goal in mind, just colors and textures.  Once I have finished, I look at the fabric, and let it speak to me.  It is an intuitive creative process, and the end result was this piece.

Azalea Garden

The Azalea Garden is inspired by Cary, North Carolina, in springtime, which every year blooms in different colors of pinks and reds, and whites of Azalea bushes.  This beautiful piece found a home there.