So far 2016 has been an exciting new year.  It began with “Nature’s Orchestra” winning first prize in the Cary Art Center’s Instructor’s Exhibit: “Synesthesia – Connecting the Senses.”

Andrea McKerlie Luke described the evening in an article on

“On Friday evening, the very evocatively named Black Irish Contemporary Hip-Hop Company presented the premiere of Shade, a dance work in collaboration with the Cary Arts Center‘s faculty art presentation, Synesthesia. Both the dance company’s and the artists’ works address the idea of crossing the senses: sight with sound, color with smell, or taste with feelings.

“The evening began with the announcement of the winners of the visual art show: Ana Sumner won first prize, Val McConnell won second, and Jean Cheely won both honorable mention and People’s Choice.”

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Below is the artist statement that I submitted with the piece to emphasize the “senses.”

Artist Statement
Pneuma, the wind-spirit is playing nature’s orchestra as she uses the tree like a grand woodwind instrument, vibrating the branches and leaves into a harmonic bass, swooshing leaves along the ground as if snare brushes were dancing on drums, and tantalizing the wind chimes into melody.