2016 gets off to an exciting start!

So far 2016 has been an exciting new year.  It began with “Nature’s Orchestra” winning first prize in the Cary Art Center’s Instructor’s Exhibit: “Synesthesia – Connecting the Senses.”

Andrea McKerlie Luke described the evening in an article on CNVC.org:

“On Friday evening, the very evocatively named Black Irish Contemporary Hip-Hop Company presented the premiere of Shade, a dance work in collaboration with the Cary Arts Center‘s faculty art presentation, Synesthesia. Both the dance company’s and the artists’ works address the idea of crossing the senses: sight with sound, color with smell, or taste with feelings.

“The evening began with the announcement of the winners of the visual art show: Ana Sumner won first prize, Val McConnell won second, and Jean Cheely won both honorable mention and People’s Choice.”

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Below is the artist statement that I submitted with the piece to emphasize the “senses.”

Artist Statement
Pneuma, the wind-spirit is playing nature’s orchestra as she uses the tree like a grand woodwind instrument, vibrating the branches and leaves into a harmonic bass, swooshing leaves along the ground as if snare brushes were dancing on drums, and tantalizing the wind chimes into melody.

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