French Angel

Creating angel fish are wonderful because of their colors, shapes and sizes!  I created this French Angel by drawing it with the sewing machine.  I re-created ocean reefs to remind us how precious our oceans are and how we need to be more conscientious about protecting them.   This art piece […]

Garden Fair

  One of the things I loved about living in states that have wonderful where bulbs blooms is the coming of spring.  Each year, all the bulbs pop from the ground in a wonderful array of flowers and colors and some bushes blossom into golden yellow. I truly enjoyed creating this […]

Nature’s Orchestra

  Pneuma the wind-spirit is playing nature’s orchestra as it uses the tree like a grand woodwind instrument, vibrating the branches and leaves into a harmonic bass, swooshing leaves along the ground as if snare brushes were dancing on drums, and tantalizing the wind chimes into melody.  Owned by the Hiser Family.  

Among the Flowers

During a vacation to Ephesus, Turkey, I fell in love with the cats roaming the countryside in the mist of the poppies and rocks. I love when nature inspires me to create! This particular cat has been created with a sewing machine using a free-style drawing.  

Azalea Garden

The Azalea Garden is inspired by Cary, North Carolina, in springtime, which every year blooms in different colors of pinks and reds, and whites of Azalea bushes.  This beautiful piece found a home there.

Natural Link

This piece is created with hand-dyed fabrics.  The frogs and dragonfly wings are drawn on the sewing machine, the dragon bodies and silk ribbon flower are hand stitched, and lily pads are quilted.  This piece has a new home enjoyed by a friend’s grandbaby!