Wander with Me

  Some Gardens call to us to come and look more closer.  I enjoy visiting gardens.  I feel that I have a special connection to them.  They are the source of my expression in art, and my imagine is endless when it comes to creating them.

Autumn Blaze

Fall bring inspiration as green turns into hues of yellow, orange, and reds, and nature graces us with a display of artistry that inspires me to create.

Dragon Moon – Dance of the Dragonfly

I randomly paint fabrics to explore the creative process.  I have no goal in mind, just colors and textures.  Once I have finished, I look at the fabric, and let it speak to me.  It is an intuitive creative process, and the end result was this piece.

Amid the Water Lilies

Water Lilies and Koe are fascinating to me.  this piece was inspired by the background fabric after I painting it.  It look like a pond to me. I went to bed pondering what kind of pond it was, and in the morning Koe and water lilies filled my mind, and […]

Apple Blossoms

When visiting Taos, New Mexico, in spring, I was pleasantly surprised to see an apple trees in bloom. This art piece found a home in Illinois.

The Allures of Spring

Spring calls to me with all its wonderment!  It calls to come and play! The Allures of spring is still looking for a home.

Flower Dancers

Flower Dancers was inspired as a challenge the quilt guild I attend proposed of creating an art piece with two crayon colors that we randomly choose.  My two colors were green and pink, white and black where allowed to be used as well.  It was so much fun making it!  […]

Among the Daisies

Inspired by a walk in my neighborhood, where the summer blooms were calling, “Look at me!” This piece has found a new home during the Edwardsville Art Fair 2017.