Butterfly Sanctuary

How wonderful to see Queen Ann Lace growing wild this summer around the roadways near my home.  It brings me joy to see wildflowers and butterflies thriving in nature. 

Reef Alive

I enjoy creating the beauty that can be found in an ocean reef.  It bring back memories of me growing up in south Florida.

Soaking up the Sun

Inspired by a photograph I took in one of my travels a few years back, This art piece took a few years to come into existence.  I am glad I took the time In creating it.  I have to say that I am pleased with the outcome, as that turtle […]

Unfolding Beauty

Gardens are a passion for me, and I love to stitch them. This  garden of iris, tulip and hyacinths takes me back to memories of a sunny spring day.

Wander with Me

  Some Gardens call to us to come and look more closer.  I enjoy visiting gardens.  I feel that I have a special connection to them.  They are the source of my expression in art, and my imagine is endless when it comes to creating them.

Autumn Blaze

Fall bring inspiration as green turns into hues of yellow, orange, and reds, and nature graces us with a display of artistry that inspires me to create.

Dragon Moon – Dance of the Dragonfly

I randomly paint fabrics to explore the creative process.  I have no goal in mind, just colors and textures.  Once I have finished, I look at the fabric, and let it speak to me.  It is an intuitive creative process, and the end result was this piece.