Reef Alive

I enjoy creating the beauty that can be found in an ocean reef.  It bring back memories of me growing up in south Florida.

Soaking up the Sun

Inspired by a photograph I took in one of my travels a few years back, This art piece took a few years to come into existence.  I am glad I took the time In creating it.  I have to say that I am pleased with the outcome, as that turtle […]

Golden Water Irises

Nature is a wonderful model for creating art. In this water garden sky, water, and flowers are simply created, but full on texture and color.

Flower Blooms

Each flower blooms has its own character in nature, and to try to capture it in a stitch is both fun and challenging.

Unfolding Beauty

Gardens are a passion for me, and I love to stitch them. This  garden of iris, tulip and hyacinths takes me back to memories of a sunny spring day.

Winter Blues

As I look upon the landscape on a cold winter’s eve I am embraced by the beauty of the moon, As it’s reflection dances upon the earth, I am overcome by its brilliant winter blues. Winter Blues was created with thread paint art, and acrylic painted highlights on the threads. […]

Last Flurries

the first snow and last of the season, I saw in Illinois was February 2017 and two little cardinals were sitting on a tree enjoying the beauty of nature and each other.  The simple things is life brings the most joy for I felt they were welcoming me to this […]