Two Traveling Exhibitions
With two of my art pieces at the festival!

“Sunset Among the Tree” 20×20

The “Bob Ross” Cherrywood challenge exhibit


“The Coral World” 30×50

The “A Better World” exhibit

The International Quilt Festival opens on October 31, and runs through November 3, 2019.  I am honored to be part of both these traveling exhibits.   Every year I try to make at least one small quilt, and I did with the “Sunset Among the Trees” 20″x 20″ for the Bob Ross juried exhibition.  I then was invited to participate in the juried exhibit “A Better World,”  I accepted the challenge to create a large quilt the “Coral World” a 30″ x 50.”  Large quilts are a bit out of my comfort zone, but because the theme was so important to me I had to try.  I am glad that I did!

The exhibition “A Better World,” honors hero’s who are making or made a difference in our world. I choose to honor the movie makers of “Chasing Coral” which is educating the public about the plight of the coral reef (the movie can be found on Netflix.)  I am glad that I also participated in the Bob Ross exhibit because for me it honors a man who made a difference in bring art to households through out the world.

If you are attending the festival I hope you get a chance to go by and see them, and make sure you check the schedules for the meet and greet, and hopefully we will meet.

If you are not able to go to see these wonderful exhibition in person, their is information on them online:

For A Better World Exhibition, a website has been provide to see the quilts, the heroes they are honoring, and about their creators.  Also, If you would like to share this beautiful exhibition with friends and family  a book is available of all the quilts that were invited to participate in this exhibit through Amazon.

A book and a poster  is also available for all the quilts that were accepted to the Bob Ross Cherrywood Challenge at Cherrywood Fabrics.

To see more about where these exhibits will be traveling please check my Art Event Page on my website.