Art Events

These are some of the forthcoming events at which I’ll be displaying art.  I hope you can attend!

A Better World Traveling Exhibition

“The Coral World” quilt has been accepted in the traveling exhibition A Better World featuring the heros working for the greater good in our world. 

I chose to honor the men and women who came together to create the movie, Chasing Coral, which creativity documents the wondrous beauty of the coral reefs, and the tragic transformation they are encountering around the world. 

Calll to Action:

For more ways to help or get involved go to

The Movie Chasing Coral by Exposure Lab Production can be found on Netflix

Better World Exhibition Travel Dates


Oct. 26–Nov. 3, 2019

International Quilt Market & Festival – Houston TX

Feb. 27–March 1, 2020

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival – Hampton VA

April 8–July 12, 2020

New England Quilt Museum – Lowell MA

Aug. 4– Sept. 28, 2020

Page-Walker Arts & History Center – Cary NC

Oct. 15-18, 2020    

Pacific International Quilt Festival – Santa Clara CA

Jan. 15–April 3, 2022

Visions Art Museum – San Diego CA


Sacred Threads Exhibition

“Coming Home”

was accepted in the Inspirational category
in the Sacred Threads
“Quilts Exploring Life’s Journeys 2019”

This quilt was going to travel around the country, it first stop was Virginia where a pastor saw the Sacred Threads exhibition, and decide it needed to say with her in Virginia.  She will be sharing it with others, in her word “who are searching for home.” 

What a privilege to have my work and Jane Hooper’s poem which is on the quilt (and below) to be on display to encourage others.

Please come Home
By Jane Hooper

Please come Home, Please come Home,
Please come Home

Find the place where your feet know where to walk
and follow your own trail home

Please come home, please come home
into your own body

your own vessel your own earth

Please come home into each and every cell
and fully into the space that surrounds you

Please come home, please come home
to trusting yourself and your instincts and your ways
and your knowings and even the particular
quirks of your personality

Please come home, please come home
and once your are firmly there
Please stay home a while
and come to a deep rest within

please treasure your home
Please love and embrace your home
please get a deep sense
of what it is like to be truly home

Please come home, please come home
and when you are really, really ready
and there is a detectable urge on the out breath,
then please come out.

Please come home
and please come forward please express
who you are to us
and please trust us
to see you and hear you and touch you

and recognize you as best we can

Please come home, please come home
and let us know all the nooks and crannies
that are calling to be seen

Please come home and let us know
the more that is there that wants to come out

Please come home please come home
for you belong here now, you belong among us

Please inhabit your place fully
so we can learn from you

from your voice and your ways
and your presences

Please come home, please come home
and when you feel yourself home
please welcome us too

For we too forget that we belong
and are welcome

and that we are called to express fully
who we are

Please come home, Please come home
you and you and you and me

Please come home, Please come home

Thank you worth for welcoming us
and thank you touch of eyes and ears

and skins, touch of love for welcoming us

May we wake up and remember who we truly are.
Please come home Please come home
Please come home