The Artistic Process

The process to create Mixed Media Fiber Art can take me several weeks or months depending on its complexity. Through a series of steps from using painting techniques for backgrounds, embroidery, appliqué, or free motion machine drawing for the subject matter, and hand embellishing with specialty threads, silk ribbons, and beads to give it details, I proceed to produce art pieces that are unique.

Throughout my life I have resonated with art, fibers and storytelling, but never imagined that I was creative at all.  In my forties, I decided to take some art and quilting classes.  I found them challenging as I tried to master their techniques, and although I didn’t find them enjoyable, I found they were a learning experience.

Then I came upon a crazy quilt class (a crazy quilt is a patchwork of fabrics of randomly varying sizes, shapes, and colors embellished with various embroidery stitches, threads, or beads).  It was through this crazy quilt class that I awoke to my own creativity, and it changed the way I viewed life. In the class, the instructor taught us about the fibers and fabrics that are used to make up a crazy quilt, but her moment of teaching genius was when she instructed us to create our own designs.  I had never been told to create anything from my imagination.  I was shocked that it was possible, and then surprised, that I could.  This challenge brought out a passion within me to stitch scenes of places that captivated my heart, and it was the beginning of my creative exploration.

In 2007 I began creating art full time as Sew Unique Art and have been part of several galleries and festivals in North Carolina, Missouri and Illinois.  I presently live in Illinois, where I continue to explore my creativity through art, writing and poetry.  To this day creativity opens me up to the  beauty and color of all that surrounds me, and has turned the routines of daily living into journeys of discoveries.

The greatest gift I have received through my creative endeavors is the connections that I have made with all whom I meet.   As I share my art and story, I find that a door opens for people to share their stories, and what I often hear is that most people are not aware of their own creative nature, or lack confidence in letting their creativity out. My experiences and creative explorations have given me such joy and purpose that I decided that another part of my journey is to assist and encourage others to find and cultivate their creative talents. In 2019 I started a one on one mentorship program “Soul Creatives” to help shine light on other individuals creativity.


If you would like more information on the one on one mentorship program Click Here.