The Coral World

I was invited to participate in a juried exhibition called, “A Better World – Heroes Working for the Greater Good.” The challenge was to create a 30 x 50 art quilt honoring a hero or heroes that are working in our world to make it better.

I chose to honor the heroes who created the movie “Chasing Coral”, an Exposure Lab Production, which can be found on Netflix. This movie was taken with time lapse photography to depict the state of the coral reef in our oceans today. The purpose of this film is to show the beauty of the reefs, but also the dangerous of how global warming is affecting them. By offering solutions, education, and innovation through their website, we all can participate in helping the reefs survive.

I was excited about this challenge, an a bit unsure I could accomplish creating a quilt on such a large scale. Then I realized I could not pass up the creative possibility to share about a cause that is important to me, so I quickly eliminated those thought of uncertainty, and focused on creating. It took me six month from inception to completion, and when I was done a multi-layer reef with fish, and a research diver had come into being. I named it, “The Coral World,” and it was accepted to participate in this traveling exhibition.

The exhibitions debut will be at the Houston’s International Quilt Market & Festival from October 26 – November 3, 2019. For more information on the places and dates where this exhibition will be traveling you can go to my website.